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NewULIfe KetoGen4 is a cutting-edge formula that was developed for anyone who wants to reach the optimum fat-burning state of ketosis. The KetoGen4 exclusive 4-BHB salt combo provides an immediate source of exogenous ketones to help you get to the fat burning stage of ketosis.

Many have noticed subtle to significant results in as little as a week and even more significant results in a 1-2 month period. The following KetoGen4 Reviews are from real people using NewULife KetoGen4. 


May 2019 - KetoGen4 Review - Holly  

Ok, so most of you that know me know I am pretty conservative and not a big fan of pics🙈 but wanted to show you the difference the new product has made for me in just a week!!! Excited for what's to come!

1 Inch off my waist
1/2 Inch off my hips
1/2 Inch off my thigh


May 2019 - KetoGen4 Review - Lacy

Soooo, I’ve only lost 5 lbs but then gained it back...consumed’s our lifestyle🤷🏻‍♀️  BUT....IM DOWN 7.5 INCHES!!!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 HAPPY DANCE!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Been on the gel since Mid September and THE Drink for 12 days!! (With 2 days off!)


NewULife GetGen4

May 2019 - KetoGen4 Review - Laurie

Zen Peeps! So many have you have seen me on this journey 1 month on the keto and 6 months on the amazing HGH gel which has transformed my life ! 💧🌸 I was featured on my company website today with our amazing fat loss in the past month with the new keto product ! I would love to help you on your health journey! I am being very vulnerable posting for all the world to see because I am excited to inspire others ! 🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥. Are you ready to transform your life?


NewULife ketoGen4 Review

May 2019 - KetoGen4 Review - Kelly

I started KG4 on April 9th as a product tester! I had put on 40 lbs and 25 lbs of that HAD TO GO! I tried a keto diet when I started KG4 and found that it wasn’t for me so I only watch my carb and sugar intake. I started dropping lbs and inches so fast!! I have now lost 19 lbs and over 20 inches off my body!! Not only is the drink helping me shed the weight and inches incredibly fast it helps with my appetite and cravings. I’ve recently started to add exercise into my routine so I can start to tone and add muscle. I LOVE the drink! I see a very clear difference in the way I look but what’s even better is the change inside! I haven’t had this much confidence in years!

** This is my own personal testimonial. Results may vary from person to person. Check with your licensed health care provider before starting any supplement **


May 2019 - KetoGen4 Review - Debe

It’s Saturday morning and I’m excited!
I wanted to share my weight release results with you.

About 3 weeks ago i started the 16/8 IF to see if my weight loss efforts would be ‘shaken up’ Following this eating pattern has me feeling good but still very little change in the scale readout.
But — I’m not doing the keto eating plan.
I'm doing weight watchers -9lbs released since 3/1. Kinda slow.

I started on our new KG4 product (while still doing WW) on Monday and I've released an additional 3.1 lbs.

💥💥I'm thrilled!!💥💥

June 2019 - KetoGen4 Review - Amber

Not excited to post my before, I sent this to my mom so she could watch my progress. I was on the phone with her when I took it and then to think 11 days later this. Unbelievable!!! I love this product!!! 24 lbs down and I have no idea how many inches but this in insane. Started KTG4 on May 5th.





Red pant  PICTURES Christy

NOT eating keto. KG4 for 3 weeks. I ate my normal diet...had some ice cream 🍦, Combos pretzels🥨, pizza🍕, Reeses🍫, potato chips🥔, etc. w minimal exercise. Same water amount.
Started at 149. Today at 144. First time in a year I've been under 145. Didn't take measurements, but the pics tell the truth. 📷 Left is 3 weeks ago, right is today. NOW to cut back on sweets and unhealthy carbs to see what more can be gained, but I wanted to know if weight and inches would come off if I still ate unhealthy, and it WILL!! 📷

Amazing results and Greg's humor is great too 😀

A friend recently said to me “Stop talking about those products if you’re not going to at least show some sort of results.” Whatever, dude - but fair enough.

With age 50 coming at me like a rabid possum and me being at my heaviest since before I was born, I discovered I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel with regards to health quite yet.

So, with much horror and trepidation (hence my photographic headlessness), I’m posting my progress so far (hope you’re happy, a**hole friend who made me do this).

I’ve still got a ways to go but I'm surely grateful for The Gel and The Drink. I imagine you will be too if you give it a go.

I had been on KG4 for 9 days at the time I took this photo and I lost the last 8 pounds in that time. I've since lost a couple more. This stuff works, folks.

PS - Bullies, tormentors and body shamers will be permanently blocked and removed from my holiday card list. 😬

PPS - One of you kind folks suggested that I make this Public so that it can be shared. Please feel free to share away if it can help your friends or family.

*This is my own personal testimony. Results may vary from person to person. Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting any supplement.*

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